Community Conversations

Community Conversations

Join Incourage and local residents for conversations about priorities identified in the 2012 Community Survey.

Be part of the conversations!

Our recent community survey confirmed four priority areas for residents:

  • Strong economy
  • Opportunities for young adults and families
  • Openness to new ideas and change
  • Nature and recreation

Incourage is committed to helping our community coordinate efforts that focus on these priorities and help us realize our community’s potential. Spread the word. Recruit your family, friends and neighbors to be part of the conversation. Contact us and we’ll help you get involved.

Which priority conversations would you like to join? Let us know by emailing [email protected].

To learn more, click 2012 Community Survey Key Findings.

LOVE YOUR COMMUNITY? At the Tribune Building meeting, held in February 2014, we asked people what they love about this community. Is it the river? Nature? Bike trails? Their jobs? We were surprised by their answers! Click >>


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