Not your ordinary community foundation—because our community is not ordinary.

From our beginnings in 1994, we have had a history of responding to the changing needs of our community. The evolution of our organization from traditional fund building to community building began in response to local economic hardships that began over 10 years ago. We were faced with a challenge that changed our community, changed us and the work we do.

Our community building efforts not only connect local and national resources but empower local people in ways that create opportunities for all. Our staff and board are using this strategy in community-wide efforts to transform our local economy, culture and invigorate civic engagement in southern Wood County’s rural cities, villages and towns.

Today, in partnership with thousands of residents and local and national organizations, our community is poised to face challenges and opportunities that come our way.

What populations comprise the community?
We serve the south Wood County area, which reaches across many city limits and civic borders. Roughly, our service area includes the areas in, around, and between the towns and cities of Wisconsin Rapids, Port Edwards, Nekoosa, Kellner, Biron, Rome, Rudolph, Pittsville, and Vesper among others.