Workforce Central

Putting the Force Back into Workforce

The future doesn’t come with instructions—but a vibrant future is something we’re working towards - focusing on the needs of employers and workers to help create a thriving community that works well for all.

About Workforce Central

Incourage’s Workforce Central is comprised of three leadership groups: Funders Collaborative, Service Provider Network, and Manufacturing Partnership. We bring together philanthropy, employers, government, and educational and service providers as we work to achieve our ultimate outcome:

Everyone in south Wood County who wants to work has ample opportunities to prepare for and secure a family-sustaining job and advance in a career over time. Current and prospective workers conveniently access a comprehensive, seamless array of education, training, and support services, provided by a strong partnership of employers, educators, and service providers that takes shared responsibility for a healthy workforce, economy, and job market. Adopted February 2010

Workforce Central has become a model for communities across the country and for the National Fund for Workforce Solutions (NFWS). In 2010, Workforce Central became the first rural Social Innovation Fund sub-grantee through the National Fund and the Corporation for National and Community Service. In 2011, the collaboration won the NFWS Chairman’s Award, and in 2012, the Vice Chairman’s Award.

Workforce Driver

One of the most significant workforce drivers is the demographic we call “Silver Tsunami” that is occurring across the country and clearly impacting the manufacturing sector of our region. We are preparing for this shift with specific strategies to ensure we have skilled workers to fill these family-sustaining career opportunities.


Workforce Central Strategies


Workforce Central Funders

  • Incourage Community Foundation
  • Corenso North America
  • ERCO Worldwide
  • Mariani Packing Co., Inc. (formerly Urban Processing LLC)
  • North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc.
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries, Wisconsin Rapids Plant
  • R. C. Charitable Foundation
  • Riverview Health Care Foundation
  • Solarus
  • WoodTrust/Bell Family Charitable Foundation
  • Gerard & Doris Veneman Family Fund
  • Daniel and Cheryl Urban Family
  • NewPage Corporation
  • Alexander Charitable Foundation
  • Paper City Savings Charitable Foundation
  • 10 Incourage Community Foundation donor advised fund holders

Initial investments have focused on industry engagement, capacity building and training in the manufacturing, healthcare, Information Technology industry sectors as well as training in basic education, digital literacy, and job search skills required by today’s employers.


How to participate

Donate/match funds:
Email [email protected]

Or Get Involved:
Service Providers email [email protected]
Businesses email [email protected]
Workers email [email protected]