About Us

The secret to creating a thriving community lies first in taking chances—and foremost in giving them.

Incourage is not your ordinary community foundation. That’s because our community is not ordinary.

Our Vision

An adaptive community that works well for all people

Our Values

Equity. Inclusion. Opportunity.

We believe in a lot of things, such as…

1.  Turning everyday people into everyone’s leaders
2.  Supporting a new economy that works for all people
3.  Increasing access to information across the digital divide
4.  Creating partnerships that intensify impact for the community

We gather residents with a common issue and in turn they—you—become a proud and positive part of the solution.

Our Guiding Principles

We love our community and believe in its people. The future of our community is at stake; doing nothing is not an option. We value…

we take informed risks; fear is not a barrier.


we choose to be optimistic and inspire opportunities.


we lead, serve and encourage others.


we honor each other and act with integrity.
working together
we accomplish more together than apart.


we seek knowledge and promote lifelong learning.


we celebrate sharing and generosity.