About Us

Realizing a community that works well for all people


Our Vision

A community that works well for all people

Our Values

A community in which all can participate and prosper

Fair access and circumstances that enable everyone to pursue a healthy, fulfilling and productive life

Shared Stewardship
The commitment of all to grow and safeguard essential community assets – human, social, economic, cultural, environmental – for the common good

Our Guiding Principles

  • Values-led
  • User-centered
  • Place-based

In working to create a more participatory culture and grow our economy, Incourage learned that residents have an appetite for change and are ready to help shape our community’s future. This was affirmed in our 2012 Community Survey conducted by Edge Research, when residents identified four community priorities:

  • Strong local economy
  • Opportunities for young adults and families
  • Openness to new ideas and change
  • Nature and recreation

Strategy Map

For a high level overview of our work, view our Organizational Strategy Map.


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