Giving: An Act of Community

We believe the challenges that confront us can be solved — not by one person alone — but by a community. We’re all about bringing people together to make an impact.
  • Give Online

    Making a gift at Incourage is quick, safe and secure. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of others throughout the south Wood County area. At Incourage, we’ll help you maximize your gift.

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  • Why Give

    For all our earnest talk about tomorrow, the fact is: We make our decisions today. We base our strategies for even the most forward-thinking philanthropy on the outlook and resources available right now.

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  • Ways to Give

    Pressing need has a way of clarifying the need to help. If you’re making a gift, we’ll make it easy—both on your stress meter and your conscience. Rest assured that your gift or fund will adhere not only to the strictest standards of accountability but also to the most responsible balance of risk and reward.

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  • Donor Stories

    Opinions vary as to what makes Incourage contributors so special…so uniquely, well, Incourageous. Some say they get their bravery from living in a town that survived a decade of economic hardships. Others attribute their generous natures…

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  • For Professional Advisors

    Your clients rely on you to guide them through the ever-changing maze of tax management and estate planning. At Incourage, we can help you deliver. We have flexible options to meet any charitable goals.

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