Adaptive Leadership

Leading the (Adaptive) Way

A community’s survival reflects its residents’ ability to adjust to rapid changes and be decisive in times of uncertainty. We’re believers in this kind of adaptive leadership—with over 100 community members trained—where the very core of our community changes with the times and for them.

Advanced Leadership Network

Across the country, community foundations are being called upon to play an important leadership role in improving the local quality of life by being responsive to the changing needs of many people – not only donors and grantees, but also volunteers, board members, nonprofit organizations, the media, collaborative partners in the public and private sectors, the disadvantaged and the previously disengaged.

The Advanced Leadership Network was established in 2006 by Incourage to teach the types of adaptive skills needed for building trust, communicating effectively, leading change and resolving conflict. Graduates are now working on community projects such as:

  • Municipal collaboration
  • Speak Your Peace—the civility project
  • Civility—embracing diversity
  • Community outreach
  • Green eco-living
  • Downtown development
  • Arts and heritage
  • Addressing the gap in student skill sets when seeking post-secondary education
  • Information delivery
  • Community facilitators

These efforts are not limited to only those receiving leadership training; each of us has talents and expertise we can share in creating a stronger community.

Adaptive Skills Toolkit

Facilitators use these skills and models to provide knowledge and guidance that will help strengthen organizations. Click to learn more:

Four Quadrant Analysis | Ladder of Inference | 7 Element Model of Conflict Resolution & Negotiation | History Timeline | To Hold in Trust | 3-Stage Model For Change | Integrated Model of Leadership

For additional information, contact:

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