Leading Change

We believe this community can challenge the limits of what’s possible; your success stories prove it. Together we lead, serve and encourage others, increasing economic opportunity for all.
  • National Partners

    When it comes to finding answers, and asking the right questions that precede them, we interact with partners from local to national. If we have to jump a time zone or two to learn best practices and bring innovation home, that’s precisely what we’ll do.

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  • Tribune Building

    A Flagship Project To Engage Residents In Determining The Future Of A Unique Historic Property Along The Banks Of The Beautiful Wisconsin River.

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  • Initiatives

    We look to you, to identify problems that need to be tackled. Then, we bring together individuals and organizations to start the work.

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  • Our Journey, Our Creed

    We believe in a community that works well for all people. Find inspiring stories of local people just like you. Read More »