Our Approach

Our Approach


Incourage is reclaiming place-based philanthropy to realize our simple yet bold vision: A Community That Works Well for All People, led by values of Equity, Opportunity and Shared Stewardship.

We operate from a central belief that people are our most important asset and positive community change happens when individuals have the opportunity to realize their full potential. Residents who feel a sense of ownership, shared responsibility and shared destiny by virtue of a shared place are essential in shaping healthy, sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

For a high level overview of our approach, view our Organizational Strategy Map.

Our Investment Policy Statement establishes a mission and values framework for all aspects of our financial asset management. It assumes that economic value resides not just in financial currency, but in human integrity, skills, curiosity and relationships, including a commitment to steward all human and natural resources. View the Preamble here.

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