Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building

We know how important it is to invest in research and skill development, but the expense to send your staff to training or to hire a consultant can be cost-prohibitive. When you can serve your clients well, our entire community reaps the benefits. So, we want to help by offering several low-cost, highly effective—and local—ways to increase the knowledge of your team and the capacity of your work:

Bringing People Together to Learn

  • Workshops and seminars taught by specialists in their fields, on topics that vary each year; some examples include: IRS Form 990; Telling Your Story; Grants & Fund Development; Board Governance
  • Nonprofit Council, for local nonprofits and community based organizations, meets quarterly to discuss topics of mutual interest, learn about each group’s mission and events, and network with peers.
  • Public educational forums such as: Why and How to Run for Local Elected Office; How People Get Their Community Information; Why Now is the Right Time to Make Workforce Work in Central Wisconsin
  • Get On Board workshops focus on how to be the best board member when volunteering. Participants receive the knowledge, examples and sample documents to help them plan, make informed decisions and move an organization to the next level.

Bringing Expertise Right to You

Consultant/Facilitator Database
As a service to our local nonprofits and to minimize costs associated with bringing in a consultant, we provide over 20 consultants/facilitators who specialize in areas such as governance, strategic planning, grant development and adaptive leadership. Please review and complete our Consultant/Facilitator Request Form. There is a small nominal fee for the service.

Board Bank
This unique service connects trained individuals with available leadership roles – matching community members with local organizations based upon an individual’s interests and expertise, and the nonprofit’s need for board members or committee volunteers. Please review and complete our Board Bank Request Form to initiate a search for candidates.

How to participate

Sign up for a workshop

Volunteer to help your favorite cause or nonprofit

Publications available

For additional information, contact:
Dawn Vruwink | [email protected] | 715.423.3863