Community Survey

Five years later . . .
What's important to our future?

Community Survey results show residents have strong opinions about our community’s future. In early 2018, we completed a community survey in which residents of all ages throughout the south Wood County area shared their thoughts and opinions for our community’s future. These survey results are a follow-up to the previous Community Survey in 2012. The latest results help us understand residents’ current hopes and concerns to identify today’s priorities. 

See highlights of the 2017 Community Survey Results here>>

See the full 2017 Community Survey Results here >>

At the Community Survey results public meeting in March 2018, residents heard from Madeleine Taylor, CEO of Network Impact, the organization that conducted the survey. View the event video here:

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In 2012, Incourage led the first ever Community Survey. Five years later, together with nationally recognized research partners, we conducted another Community Survey to understand residents’ current hopes and concerns and identify today’s priorities for our community.

View the key findings from our 2012 Community Survey here.