Kim Shields

Kim Shields

Our Team
Community Investment & Communications Specialist

What is one thing you love about working at Incourage?
I love the people I work with. We all truly care about each other and our community. While we all bring something unique to this organization and our community, we all support and believe in our vision – a community that works well for all. Our work and actions, both personally and professionally, support this. We live it every day, everywhere we go. It’s a privilege to work for an organization that honestly walks the walk and talks the talk.

What is your favorite place in the community and why?
We have so many wonderful places in our community, but if I have to name just one, I’d have to say the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial. The park is absolutely beautiful. Not only because it’s located on the Wisconsin River and is meticulously maintained, but because the heart and soul of so many went into creating such a beautiful space to remember our state’s fallen firefighters. The way that so many people and organizations came together to dream, design, raise money, build, and take care of the memorial gives it an underlying quiet yet powerful peace. I feel and see it every time I drive by or visit. It’s really incredible!

What would be your dream job, if you didn’t work at Incourage?
I’d work with children and spend a lot of time cuddling/rocking babies.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Somewhere in Time. It’s a time-traveling movie with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve on Mackinac Island – love it!

What is your favorite season or holiday?
Weather-wise, fall; Family-wise, summer.



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