Take a moment to watch Our Creed. This video, spoken by residents, illustrates our journey and Incourage's role in helping to shape a community that works well for all people. Enjoy!

Our Journey, Our Creed

Follow the leadership, for it is each of us, in concert, in community, who conceive the journey and create the path. Together, we put the power of possibility to the proof — ignoring challenge, enacting change. Let allegiance to our hometown guide our attention, for vision is not only looking forward, or even looking back and wishing things were different. Vision at Incourage is looking to our left and right, to our friend or colleague, looking down the street to where our neighbors live, to the schools, the squares, the lines of beautiful trees and family farms. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND: The tree that was a seed. The shelter that was a shell. The thriving business that was nearly out of business. Look also and always with gladness, at what remains to be seen. We will move the trees for the forest, however hard or humble the work. We are founders, we are keepers, this is the community we must own, live in, and love.

Owning our future

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Look what we found

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Where one neighbor leads to another

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Reach Far,

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Battling Digital

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