State presents $3M to Tribune Building Project

State presents $3M to Tribune Building Project

The Tribune Building Project took a notable step forward as residents, Incourage partners, local organizations, business owners and government officials gathered to celebrate a $3 million grant to the project through the state budget.

The Tribune Building Project is the only non-state project in Governor Tony Evers’ budget, noted Wisconsin DOT Secretary Craig Thompson. “This going to a private sector recipient demonstrates how strong the application was and everything that Incourage has done here in Wisconsin Rapids. All the creative, innovative things you’re doing are really impressive.”

Incourage Board Chair Kristopher Gasch, said that this investment from the state helps to unlock additional capital toward the remaining fundraising goal of $5 million. Contributions of all sizes and types are essential to making this a community-driven project.

“This project is about so much more than the building,” said Gasch. “The building is the physical embodiment of all of those voices and allowing residents to step forward, speak up and be the change they want to see in this community.”

Gasch thanked many, near and far, who reached out to legislators to emphasize the potential in this project, in addition to what it means for central Wisconsin.

Gasch emphasized, “This project is needed, it is valued, and it represents an innovative path forward as we address long-standing challenges.  Challenges that are not unique to our community, but the ways in which we address them can demonstrate a new path forward, hand in hand with residents, entrepreneurs, and all who want to take part in bolstering a thriving community and vibrant downtown.” 

Tribune will foster economic growth and innovation for generations to come. Contributions of all sizes and types matter.

To learn more about the Tribune Building project go to: Tribune: An Economic & Community Hub