Building shared future resident engagement

Building Our Shared Future Through Resident Engagement

Katrina Hittner knows what it means to own her future. And while her feet have taken her all over the world, she’s returned home to the Wisconsin Rapids area – the place she is rooted to. Through her involvement as a Community Fellow with the Tribune Building Project*, Katrina is helping to ensure her neighbors have an opportunity to own their future as well. “I believe that together we’re continually creating a better community through action, interaction, and contribution of resources and energy,” she shares.

Since joining the Tribune Building Project as a Community Fellow in September 2013, Katrina has given countless hours of time and talent through table hosting, meeting preparation, and dedicated community outreach. Beyond these duties, it is her passion for place that will help advance residents’ vision. As an owner of a third-generation community- minded business, Katrina understands this process is much more than a series of community meetings. It is shaping the future. Her entrepreneurial experience and commitment are helping to shape a new economy as well.

* The Tribune Building Project engaged over 700 additional residents. Read more here.


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