Financials supporting entrepreneurs

Financial Institutions Supporting Entrepreneurs Through Small Business Loans

SWCA has impressive financial capital in its locally-owned institutions (banks and credit unions) focused on local entrepreneurs.

One example is Bull’s Eye Credit Union. President Dave Stark states their goal is direct and to the point: “Our goal is, ‘Inspiring financial dreams, one member at a time.’”

For rural entrepreneurs, that means focusing on members as their needs change. “We help the small guy. We are there when risk is high,” Stark said.

Because it is a credit union, regulations limit the size of Bull’s Eye’s business loans to $50,000 or less. Many of these loans help start small businesses, like landscaping, snowplowing and excavating. Currently Bull’s Eye has more than $1 million in small business loans to fewer than 50 businesses. In addition, personal loans that support members pursuing entrepreneurial home business efforts also represent a portfolio.

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