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Betsy Wood: Thank you to Virginia and our Community!

Wed. Dec 20, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, I reflect on all the wonderful community members and organizations we were able to connect with this year. Thank you so much for stopping in to see us, or for giving us a call, or for donating to a cause you believe in, and for the encouragement and kindness you have shown us. 

There is so much more to do, and I look towards 2024 in anticipation. I welcome you on this journey of making the south Wood County area a welcoming place where our community members link arms to do good wherever we see a need.  We each have a choice to be kind to each other, to welcome people of all walks of life, and to be there and help each other as we are able. That is what philanthropy is all about, and that is why Incourage exists. 

Our founder, Virginia Brazeau, loved the people of this community.  She realized the need and set out to establish our community foundation 30 years ago so that you could have a place where your dreams for our community could be nurtured and become a reality. No one is excluded here, and we can’t do this alone. If you live here or visit here or grew up here or do business here, you are an important part of this community, and we look forward to connecting to continue to make good things happen in 2024.

I wish you peace and joy this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

With warmest wishes,


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    Established in rural Wisconsin in 1994 to serve the changing needs of the south Wood County area, Incourage has become a nationally-recognized leader in place-based philanthropy and community development. Guided by values of equity, opportunity, and shared stewardship, Incourage envisions a community that works well for all people. One physical manifestation of this vision is the redevelopment of the Tribune building, which demonstrates Incourage’s user-centered approach to growing a strong and inclusive local economy.