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Letter: Teen Leaders Take on Free Library Project

Tue. Apr 10, 2012

By: Morgan Frost

Take a book, leave a book. These six simple words are based off of the simple concept of paying it forward.

Imagine walking through your local park or playing on your local playground and seeing a little shelter house for books donated by your community. As soon as you see it, you might realize you could be part of something big—something that all starts with taking a book and leaving a book.

The first Little Free Library was built and resides in a front yard above the St. Croix River in Hudson. The project started in 2009 and still is spreading tiny libraries and the love of reading today.

Teen Leadership, a program of Incourage Community Foundation, is working toward the goal of spreading literacy and community spirit among the communities of Nekoosa, Wisconsin Rapids, Pittsville, Port Edwards, Rome, Rudolph and Vesper. Teen leaders are building the Little Free Libraries, planning where to locate them, and collecting books for the libraries to be stocked with.

It is our goal to spread the word of each Little Free Library and also to find more builders, sponsors and stewards to join in and make their own. These Little Free Libraries are bigger than your average bird house, planted on a post and full of books for all to enjoy.

Watch for more information on the Little Free Libraries in your community. If you would like to contribute to this project, donations can be made to Incourage Community Foundation, directed to the Teen Leadership program.

On behalf of the Teen Leaders,
Morgan Frost

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