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Frequently Asked Questions: Incourage Purchases Daily Tribune Building

Thu. Dec 20, 2012

December 20, 2012

Q: Why did Incourage buy the Daily Tribune building?
A: We purchased the building for several reasons. It’s a historic, symbolic building in our downtown with unlimited potential. Much of our work focuses on the importance of community information and engagement. That’s why we invite south Wood County residents to participate in determining the best use of this building for our community.

Q: Are you moving from your current location?
A: No. Incourage’s office will remain at 478 E. Grand Avenue.

Q: How much did it cost?
A: We purchased the building for $527,000. Assessed value is $668,100.

Q: How are you paying for it?
A: Through Incourage funds, with an investment from Forward Community Investments (FCI), based in Madison. FCI is a statewide Community Development Finance Institution. Funding will come from Incourage’s Endowed Community Portfolio, through Unrestricted Funds, and funds designated for community improvement.

Q: How big is the building?
A: It’s 19,868 square feet in area, including two full floors and a small third floor mechanical area.

Q: What are you going to do with the building?
A: What do YOU think we should do with the building? We want south Wood County residents to have a say in how the building will be utilized. During the spring of 2013, we’ll develop a process to do this, and we’ll keep our community informed as the process unfolds.

Q: What kind of condition is the building in?
A: The building is solidly built and structurally sound. A recent environmental inspection by Lampert-Lee & Associates revealed no unusual or prohibitive environmental issues.

Q: Will Incourage be the permanent owner of this property?
A: No, likely not. We are in the business of connecting philanthropy – people’s time, talent and treasure – to facilitate community growth and development in the south Wood County area. However, we are committed to providing oversight throughout the development process. In addition to acquiring, holding and maintaining the property, for now, we will:
+ Facilitate broad participation by residents,
+ Provide leadership to secure contributions and investments to support renovation, and
+ Assist in determining an ultimate ownership structure consistent with long-term downtown development plans and in the best interest of the broader community.

Q: Will you be tearing it down?
A: There are no plans to tear down the building.

Q: What is the building’s history?
A: The Daily Tribune building was constructed in 1958-59, under the direction of William F. Huffman Jr., the newspaper’s publisher. In May 1960, the Daily Tribune and the family’s radio station, WFHR, moved into the building, with WFHR in the building’s round portion. The rectangular portions housed the newspaper. An addition to the west end of the press room was constructed in 1990.

Q: Is the City involved with this?
A: Incourage has an ongoing positive and collaborative relationship with the City of Wisconsin Rapids. We have a joint interest in seeing constructive and catalytic redevelopment of this property that involves citizen participation consistent with the Downtown Waterfront Plan.

Q: How do I get involved?
A: Your participation is vital! Become part of the process by sending your name and contact information to [email protected], or call 715.423.3863. Spread the word!

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    Established in rural Wisconsin in 1994 to serve the changing needs of the south Wood County area, Incourage has become a nationally-recognized leader in place-based philanthropy and community development. Guided by values of equity, opportunity, and shared stewardship, Incourage envisions a community that works well for all people. One physical manifestation of this vision is the redevelopment of the Tribune building, which demonstrates Incourage’s user-centered approach to growing a strong and inclusive local economy.