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Incourage Offers Financial Sustainability Workshops to Nonprofits

Mon. Feb 6, 2012

Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Feb. 6, 2012 … Many nonprofits are facing challenges in today’s economic environment. In response, Incourage Community Foundation has teamed up with Forward Community Investments (FCI) to help local organizations navigate these tough times for near-term success and long-term sustainability. Incourage is offering Building Financial Sustainability: A Nonprofit Learning Series to 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the south Wood County area.

Building Financial Sustainability: A Nonprofit Learning Series will address critical issues affecting nonprofits: budgeting, calculating costs, cash flow management, financial management, and building capacity. Executive directors, board members, and staff will work together over a nine-month period to develop and sharpen these critical skills.

Training is made possible by a $20,000 grant from Incourage Community Foundation donors. “We believe that developing nonprofit leaders and organizations is crucial to supporting and sustaining the growth of a vibrant community,” said Dawn Vruwink of Incourage. “The series will help nonprofits develop their financial understanding and organizational effectiveness, and enhance their leadership skills.”

“Many nonprofits are community’s social safety net,” adds Salli Martyniak, president, FCI. “While FCI has a long history of sustaining nonprofits by bridging gaps through credit, this learning series is a continuation of our work in developing the skills of nonprofit managers.”

To learn more, contact Dawn Vruwink at Incourage, 715.423.3863, [email protected].


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