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What If you have an idea for resident-led projects that bring people together to move a good idea to action? Learn more.

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    Leaving Tribune meetings, Layne Cozzolino felt ready to conquer any obstacle. Read More >

  • Resident Profile

    As a 30-year resident of the Wisconsin Rapids area, one of Kim Kosik's greatest hopes for our community is for vibrancy to return to the downtown. Read More >

  • Resident Profile

    Living in Milwaukee didn't stop Mee Yang from attending Tribune meetings. Read More >

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    People and relationships have inspired Ethan and Val Tonn to become involved with the Tribune project and the community. Read More >

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    Through his engagement in the Tribune, Ben Joosten realized the deep connection that can be made when multiple generations work together. Read More >

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    Steve and Jeanne Grant connected with other people with similar interests through the Tribune Building Project. Read More >

  • Owning Our Future

    What are over 1,200 residents deciding about the future of the Tribune Building? Learn more at >>