Funding Opportunities

Collaborate. Strengthen. Maximize.

Incourage recognizes that today’s challenges are increasingly complex. Further, we know that lasting change requires new approaches to addressing these challenges. Historically, awarding grants to fill budget holes was a typical response that often delivered a temporary solution to struggling organizations’ challenges.

In order to be good stewards of community resources toward the vision of a community that works well for all people, Incourage’s approach to granting is more comprehensive and inclusive than this historical approach. We bring all resources to bear, not just financial.

Additionally through our inquiry form, we invite inquiries for support that test new approaches and further organizations’ abilities to adapt to change. Inquiries will be considered on an ongoing basis, for alignment with our values of equity, opportunity and shared stewardship, and greatest community benefit. For quality local data, visit Vital Signs.

For additional information, contact:

Incourage | [email protected] | 715.423.3863

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