Reach Far, Samantha

Reach far, Samantha

The secret to a thriving community lies not only in taking chances, but in giving them.

Sometimes, the path to success isn’t a straight one.

For students who haven’t succeeded in traditional educational settings, the Pathways program at Mid-State Technical College (MSTC) offers a new road.

Pathways helps residents build job skills, get a degree, and find and maintain employment, through case management and support services.

Students receive help with overcoming barriers that may have kept them from attending school before, explained Stephanie Bender, Pathways coordinator. “Many are thankful for assistance with transportation and daycare while they attend classes.”

Samantha Mortl, a Pathways student, agreed. “Stephanie has shown me and a lot of other people all the doors open to us.”

In its first year, Pathways – a partnership between Incourage, MSTC and FoodShare Employment Training – has served 65 students, with 14 people completing their GED; and five completing the Gerontology Certificate. In addition, several students have enrolled at MSTC, while others have found employment after brushing up on their job skills.

Samantha has specific goals in mind. “I want to get my GED, enroll in college, and get a degree.” She added, “Pathways is an amazing program. They give you the confidence to reach farther than you may have thought possible.”

For Samantha, it was the right path. “I could not have found a better program to help me achieve my goals.”