The School at Altenburg’s Farm

The School at Altenburg’s Farm

Harold Altenburg’s wish is to have Altenburg’s Farm continue to benefit the community beyond his lifetime. With his passion for youth and their development, his vision is to form a not-for-profit farm school. The school’s goal is to help young people develop life skills through on-farm learning. The farm will also continue to provide the products and activities the community has enjoyed for so many years.
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Incourage has awarded a $25,000 matching grant to The School at Altenburg’s Farm from the Ruth B. and Hartley B. Barker Memorial Fund for Youth. This will be to support start-up expenses for The School to develop ag-related life skills.


We are excited to share a progress update on The School at Altenburg’s Farm! The School’s Board of Directors is comprised of six individuals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in education, agriculture, and farming:

  • Jeff Boyd (Mortenson Brothers Farms)
  • Ashleigh Calaway (Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation)
  • Brad Kremer (Hillcrest Family Farms)
  • Tracy Neve (former teacher, now at Renaissance Learning)
  • Gale West (retired ag-business and farmer)
  • Gus Mancuso (Incourage)

The board has met several times, and recently conducted interviews for the Lead Farmer position. Stay tuned!

If you would like more information about The School at Altenburg’s Farm, please contact Gus Mancuso at Incourage: [email protected] or 715-818-6187.

View Altenburg’s Farm’s website here.

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