Resident Profile Lois Cantin

Resident Profile - Lois Cantin

lois cantin
Lois outside at a Tribune meeting in June. Photo by Jenna Moran.

If you know Wisconsin Rapids resident Lois Cantin, you know she loves this community and her neighbors. Lois has been and continues to be involved with many groups and organizations, including Cranberry Blossom Fest, American Association of University Women (AAUW), the Community Theatre, and the American Legion. Her current passion is the Tribune, and there’s no slowing down for this retired nurse, she loves every minute of her community involvement.

“Once you’re involved and you care about what’s gong on, I think you can’t help but keep going,” she said.

Since high school, Lois was connected with the building that housed the Daily Tribune, through her involvement in promoting the arts and events in the community. She was intrigued when Incourage purchased it, intending for residents to be involved in determining its future use. From the beginning, she saw an exciting opportunity to think differently and learn from others, and she admires the way people are working together.

“It feels good. Whatever table you sit at, it’s a team, and we’re all working together,” said Lois. “People are more interested in what good can come out of this process than about being right.”

Lois grew up in the area and has seen plenty of ups and downs throughout her years. But she always manages to maintain a positive attitude, sharing her hopes for the community.

“We’ll never see Rapids as we once saw it, but it could be lots better! Think about what you can do to help the community. There are so many groups and organizations that could help. There is nothing we can’t do!”

Visit incouragecf.org to learn how you can join Lois and get involved in our community.

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