Resident Profile – Tony Perez

Resident Profile - Tony Perez

Tony Perez believes that everyone is special in their own unique way. As a U.S. mail carrier, Tony experiences this daily on his routes. “You learn about each person and their lives (unintentionally) on the routes to which you deliver, and this brings its own rewards.”

Team Incourage has seen Tony’s smiling face as he delivers our mail, and has gotten to know him on a more personal level than a mail carrier. “I believe in the positive effect of a kind word, warm gesture, and a smile,” Tony said. “You never know when any of these, by themselves or combined, could bring a person having a bad day back to feeling that tomorrow might be better.”

Tony is currently going back to school at Mid-State Technical College to earn his associate degree in Business Management, with an emphasis in Healthcare Management. “I feel that I have a lot to teach, and as a manager I would have the perfect opportunity to mold and shape personnel with whom I engage.” He has learned that it isn’t easy to return to school, but, “If you want something bad enough, you must make the time to accomplish it.”

“My college experience so far has shown me that looking out for others and lending a helping hand is a path that should be adopted by everyone in the community. If we all just cared a little bit more, I think that we could tackle some of the prevalent problems that have affected our community.”

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